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Sequential Spelling DVDs Overview

(requires internet access)
Have multiple children working at different levels?

Want to teach spelling by don't have the time?

Are concerned about having to think up contextual sentences for each spelling word?

Want your child to be able to work independently?

Need someone to come along-side and help you teach?

Sequential Spelling on DVD is just what you need. LeeAnn Earl, who was homeschooled herself and is now married and homeschooling her eleven children, enjoyed using the Sequential Spelling with her children. She found that as she had more children, it became time consuming to present several different lessons at different levels to multiple children each day. As as result, she teamed-up with her brother, Joe Hipps (married with five children), who has worked for many years in the information technology field. Together, in partnership with AVKO Educational Foundation, they are developing the Sequential Spelling on DVD program. Levels 1 through 4 are currently available. Levels 5-7 will be released over the course of the next couple of years.

Comparable to the book version for content taught, the DVD may be used by the student independently. It is recommended that students use a Student Response Book in conjunction with the DVD. The DVD system is perfect for busy families and teachers who need their students to work independently. Using this method requires minimal teacher assistance, allowing the student to learn spelling on their own while still benefitting from AVKO's multi-sensory approach. Using the same basic content and approach, all the words covered in the book are covered on the DVD. Each word in the lesson is pronounced, used in a contextual sentence, and then pronounced again. After this is done, the student pauses the video and attempts the spelling of the word. Once the student restarts the video the word is displayed on the screen. The word families, prefixes, suffixes, and consonant blends are shown on-screen in contrasting colours so the word family pattern is easily processed. At the end of each lesson, a complete "check list" of the words covered during the lesson are shown on the screen. This allows the teacher to be able to review the student's work without having to purchase a print copy of the book. View sample videos of the first 8 days of Sequential Spelling 1 on DVD here.

Sequential Spelling on DVD is comparable to the book version with some notable differences and benefits.
    Both programs:
  1. Teach spelling using the same word families method
  2. Teach using all the different learning styles
  3. Cover exactly the same word list in the same order
  4. Can be used with gifted, average, and challenged children
  1. Students can learn spelling on their own while still getting the benefits of AVKO's multi-sensory system. Minimal assistance is required from the teacher or parent.
  2. You do not have to think up your own sentences anymore. Each word in the lesson is pronounced, used in a contextual sentence, and then pronounced again.
  3. You have the flexibility to use this DVD video on either a Mac or a PC computer. Internet access is not required to use the program.
  4. Young children can use the program (as long as they can pause and re-start the video.) After the student attempts the spelling of each word, the word is displayed on the screen, with the word families, prefixes, suffixes, and consonant blends in contrasting colours for easy processing of the word family's pattern. The child needs to be able to pause the video in order to write the word down before it is displayed on the screen.
  5. You do not need to buy a print copy of the book. Each lesson has a "Check list" that the parent or teacher can use to review the student's work for the day.
  1. The accent of the presenter may not be the same as your's, making it challenging to determine some of the words such as "pen" and "pin". That is where the contextual sentences help. The presenter has a light southern accent. (Since everyone has an accent to those who live outside their region, it would be impossible to create an auditory program without running into some accent differences.)
  2. Cross-referencing to "The Patterns of English Spelling" is not available on the DVD version. The book version gives you the page numbers so you can view the rest of the words in the word families covered.
  3. Applicable spelling rules are not mentioned on the DVD lessons.
Recommend Accessories
Sequential Spelling Book Edition - Although the DVD format of the program can be used without the teacher's book, the book includes information that the DVD does not. It contains page references to "The Patterns of English Spelling." The words most important to learn for competency and fluency are bolded. The book is also handy to have as a back-up in case of machine malfunction, power outages, or travel. The book version will provide you with the ability to maintain continuity and not miss days.

Student Response Book for Sequential Spelling - While your student can use lined paper or a note book, the Student Response Book is very handy. All your student's work will be organized neatly and in a way that prevents him or her from seeing the previous day's work.

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